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My Passion, My New Best Friend – The Electronic Cig

Wow, my first post. Having only received confirmation this blog is mine I wanted to get up and running as quikcly as possible. I do intend one day to make use of this site perhaps as an onlione store at at the very least an online CV, but for the time being I am using this as my journal.

What better way to start this blog off, than to write about my new favourite toy, the electronic cigarette. Growing up in a time where it was cool to smoke, and even required if you wanted to know the right people, took its toll later on in life. 10 years down the road, I found myself the only one smoking away on these dreadful things. Whats worse now with all the new smoking laws hammering down on you today, I found myself standing in the rain smoking all too often. Those who smoke know very well that smoking in the rain magnifies the stench these cancer stinks leave on your clothes. No hiding that fact from the “rents” if they didnt know you smoked. Mine did and didnt approve, but we’re not here to talk about mum and dad so lets move on.

About 6 months ago, I was sipping on a particulary delicious G & T over at a mates house in the blistering heat of Summer, when one of guests whipped out what I could only imagine at that time to be some sort of Japanese sex toy and while still in shock saw said guest begin sucking on it. To my shock and horror he then blew smoke out his nostrils and mouth leaving my imagination running wild.

I maybe blonde, but NOT that blonde, I did kinda guess what it was, but to be sure I went over and asked him what it was. Sure enough, it was an electronic cigarette. Not the one that looks like a cigarette, but a larger “gurthier” one that had an led screen on it.

It wasnt long after that experience that I purchased my own, and girlfriends… I never looked back. I quit smoking on the spot. I immediately purchased a Kanger EVOD kit (a device in between the cig alike and dildo looking thing) and found a  great e liquid site (the stuff you put in your electronic cigarette to produce the smoke) and spent like £120 setting my self up for a month.

Not long after I got my self a Provari from and a beautiful rebuildable atomizer called the GG Ithaka. Vaping just got better and better.


6 months down the line, My boy friend gave me this. My new best friend. A custom built  battery – the iHybrid that vapes like a dream.

Together with this and my favourite e juice that’s also 100% VG – Theyre socially connected too, I will never ever go back to smoking.

I just hope the laws in 2016 dont go ahead and ruin this for everyone, because I feel like a complete none smoker now and dont want to start again if the government ruin it for everyone.

Next up I will most likely write about some PC or Hardware I love to use. Stay tuned 🙂

I’ll leave you with a video review of the ihybrid

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