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I’ve Got Sciatica – Oh No!!

So I was lounging around most of yesterday recovering from a rather large night out. (Hang over from hell!!!) watching my favourite comfort movies – I will NOT be naming them for fear of cyber bullying hehe, when I got this absolutely excruciating pain in my lower back.

The pain I can only describe as some sort of stabbing pain, a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies – not that I have any, I’m lovely, It went all the way from my lower back, down my left leg and branched out across my left foot. I was and am still in a lot of pain. I thought I was having a heart attack. The common sense bells kicked in an told me I had it the opposite way round, so I took to the internet and found I have something called Sciatica, and from what I have read, ONLY A MILD FORM OF IT!

The internet is a scare mongering paradise, I must have read about 50 different fatal conditions I contracted before finding the problem I really had here. Yesterday was a Sunday so I couldn’t see the DR, so all I could do was find the best immediate relief for sciatica and immediately put that into use. I’ll be seeing the DR later today who will hopefully refer me to a good therapist who can put me on these special exercises to get rid of it. For now though an ice pack will have to do. Hopefully my next post won’t be a painful one, but rest assured I will be back again soon.

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